“Sit, traveler, and hear my story…

Though it is perhaps the tale most sung by bards, the Chronicles of Uth did not begin with the Fall of Ruul. They did not begin with the War of Wyrms. They did not begin at the Migration of the Twelve Tribes, when Yuan-Ti invaders drove displaced orcs, and those who struggled to unite them, into a conflict with the kingdom of Ruul; nor did they begin when the Elder Goddesses revealed themselves to the Creation, and the Advents of Ruul aided in the Chaining of their father, Tharizdun.

Before all these came to pass into the annals of myth, other tales were born through the choice and conflict of ancient powers, in a place further removed by the passage of time, yet close to home. Yes, mortal; unlike those other ancient legends, this one played out on the very soil beneath your feet.

Here, in Arkhosia, the mountainous archipelago your people now call home; though I doubt you would recognize it, could you scrye across time and see it with your own eyes as it was in those days. Were you to bear witness to the passing of a wise leader, the wisest ever of his kind, and to the turmoil born of that passing—a turmoil which drew cold lines between brother and sister, and forever changed the world—you might truly begin to understand your legacy… perhaps, even, how that legacy will end.

No, human… The Chronicles of Uth did not begin with the Age of Savage Realms.

They began with the breath of fire, and the Blood of Wyrms."

— Gnash the Wanderer, Chronicler of Uth

The Blood of Wyrms

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